Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The purpose of the Boys & Girls Club wellness policy is to assure an environment that promotes and protects participants' health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity, thus promoting and encouraging participants to adopt lifelong healthy behaviors that can enhance enjoyment and effectiveness in life, reducing the risk of chronic disease.

Fall 2017 Menu
Original Sunchips: 140 , 54 CF, g F, 2g S, 2g P
Pears: 90 C, O CF, 5g F, 16g S, -1 P
Cheeze-It Whole Grain: 100 C, 32 CF, 1g F, 0g S, 2g P
Colby Jack Stick: 110 C, 81 CF, 0 F, 0g S, 7g P
Red-Fat Cool Ranch Doritos: 130 C, 45 CF, 2g F, 1g S, 2g P
Mozarella String Cheese: 80 C, 54 CF, 0g F, 0g S, 6g P
Garden Salsa Sunchips: 140 C, 54 CF, 3g F, 2g S, 2g P
Colby Jack Stick: 110 C, 81 CF, 0 F, 0g S, 7g P
Frosted Mini Wheats: 100 C, 9 CF, 3g F, 6g S, 3g P
Banana: 100 C, 0 CF, 3g F, 14g S, 1g P
Apple Sauce: 50 C, 0 CF, 2g F, 8g S, 0g P
C=Calories, CF=Calories from Fat, F=Fiber, S=Sugar, P=Protein
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